About Us

ScriptsIndex.com is a website dedicated to bring you the latest of scripts of the web in the most popular scripting languages. Our goal is not to have the largest collection of scripts; it is far more important for us to have working links and only the best of the best available to you on a website that makes it easy to navigate and choose.

The road ahead
ScriptsIndex does not indend to only be a pure list of scripts. We do also rank scripts based on visits and graded. We do also plan to make editorial reviews of scripts that has been in the market for a long time.

Please let ScriptsIndex know what could be better so that we can improve this site even more! We promise to listen to all your suggestion and try to implement features we don't have currently, or even change the current ones.

Company behind
ScriptsIndex.com is run by a Norwegian company named Webspesialisten AS. There are no commercial usage on this site. You can't buy top listings or similar.

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